Upcoming and Current Exhibitions


Great Lakes Aquarium

Middleshore, Solo Show, March 2019

Duluth, MN




First Thursdays Open Studio @ Northrup King

Visit me at my studio every first Thursday of the month. 



Press and Video


Interview at the 535 Gallery in Rochester, MN

We slowed Laura down just enough to get an interview with her. She talks about her process as an artist and inspiration for her current exhibit at 535 Gallery, Rochester, MN.

Interview with Amy Baur from 3 Minute Egg

Nature inspires the separate artwork of Laura Hallen and Amy Baur, but that’s just about where the similarities end. See for yourself through July 8 in "Petrichor," a shared exhibition at the Bloomington Center for the Arts. Let’s meet Laura and Amy and learn what’s nurtured their takes on nature.

Check out my cameo on MN Original

Multi media artist Laura Hallen's process involves arranging marshmallows and tu-tus under plexi-glass. 


Art-A-Whirl Promo Video